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YEJseries electromagnetic brake three - phase asynchronous motors are improved products of YEJ series , it is in accordance with JB /T 6 4 5 2 0 1 0 requireme nts , and its electrical performa nee is in accord with YE 2 series tech nical stan dard . The electric power of the controiler should be synchronized with the electric power of the motor The electric motors are equipped the electromagnetic brake on the non 一 shaft end , when electricity off, retarding disc will automatically pr. ess in end — shield which produce friction brake torque and stop the running of motor, the no — load brake duration is changed with the frame size of the motor, the range is 0.1 5 - 0.4 5 seconds . This kind of motor is considered as the driving force of various machinery and widely u sed in mechanical woekout machine tool, transport machinery , package , woodworking , food , chemical engineering , textile , construction , shop . roll door machinery .

Features of AC brake:

1. No rectifier, simple electrical structure.

2. Fast braking, braking response 0.08 seconds.

3. The conventional handless release lever can be customized according to requirements.

Applies to:

Used in lifting, mining, metallurgy, bridge construction and other places.

Such as: crane, bridge erecting machine, steel bending machinery, equipment power mechanism of beam transport machinery.

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