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Simple induction treatment for motor noise?

People in the mechanical and electrical industry should know that noise is an important indicator of motor production, has aroused widespread concern. Motor noise has been difficult to solve, mainly through electromagnetic, mechanical, ventilation three factors together. The best way to reduce motor noise is to find the source of noise, or to use some technical means to weaken the noise of the motor. Here to reduce the motor noise method for everyone to do a simple introduction:

Start from the sound source to reduce noise

Motor noise reduction is the most fundamental way to start from the sound source, using some conventional noise reduction technology, such as muffler, sound insulation, sound absorption, vibration isolation, etc..

1 reduce the exhaust noise. Exhaust noise is the main noise source of the unit, which is characterized by high noise level, fast exhaust speed and great difficulty in control. Using special impedance type compound muffler, generally can reduce exhaust noise 40-60 dB (a).

2 reduce the axial flow fan noise. Two problems must be considered when reducing the fan noise of the generator set, one is the pressure loss allowed by the exhaust passage. Two is the required amount of noise reduction. In view of the above two points, we can choose resistance chip muffler.

3 room sound insulation, sound absorption processing and unit vibration isolation

(1) sound insulation in the computer room. After the exhaust noise and cooling fan noise decrease, the remaining noise source is electro mechanical noise. The method is used in addition to the necessary observation room connected with the internal wall observation window, the remaining windows are removed, all holes, holes to close the dense, brick wall insulation requirements of 40 dB (a) above. Room doors and windows using fire insulation doors and windows.

(2) into the wind and exhaust. After the room sound insulation processing, must solve the engine room to ventilate the heat question. The air inlet shall be arranged on the same straight line with the motor group and the air outlet. Air inlet should be equipped with resistance type muffler, because the air inlet pressure loss is also within the allowable range, can make the room inside and outside the air volume to achieve balance, ventilation cooling effect is obvious.

(3) sound absorption treatment. The five wall surfaces outside the ground can be used for sound absorption processing. According to the spectrum characteristics of the motor group, perforated plate resonance absorption structure.

(4) indoor air exchange, good sound insulation room, will make the turbine shutdown when the air in the room is not in the room temperature convection, also can not be reduced, the low noise axial flow fan, coupled with the resistance type muffler can solve the problem.

(5) unit vibration isolation. Motor group before installation, should be strictly in accordance with the relevant information provided by the manufacturer of the isolation treatment, avoid long-distance transmission caused by structural sound, and in the dissemination of continuous radiation air sound, can not make the factory boundary noise standard. For the existing motor group requiring excessive treatment, the vibration of the ground near the unit must be measured. If the vibration is obvious, the vibration isolation of the motor group must be first carried out.

Two. Motor noise has been difficult to solve, mainly through electromagnetic, mechanical, ventilation three factors together.

When assembling the motor, the following processing methods are found to be more effective in suppressing the mechanical noise of the motor.

1 rotor eccentricity noise. When the rotor eccentricity, will produce unilateral magnetic force noise, the main phenomenon is: A. base ends noise B. to cut off the power supply immediately after the disappearance of C. sound more stable

When the above phenomenon, should be checked separately with respect to both ends of the bearing rotor core Taiwan circular runout and frame rabbet relative to the stator core at both ends of the coaxial.

(1) if the rotor is eccentric, by taking bearing Taiwan as the base, and then retype the center hole of light (grinding) rotor solution

(2) if the stator eccentricity, can stand as a benchmark car spigot round stator core diameter.

Note that either method increases the air gap, which will reduce the power factor. Therefore the processing capacity should be controlled within 0.3mm. Properly increasing the air gap can reduce the amplitude of the harmonic magnetic field, reduce the nonuniformity of the air gap and reduce the amplitude of the radial force wave, which can reduce the noise.

2 bearing radial clearance adjustment. Bearing radial clearance is the main cause of bearing noise, especially the bearing radial clearance is too small or no clearance operation, noise exceed the standard is more prominent. From the test that: H560-H355 bearing radial assembly gap (bearing bore and bearing) between the guarantee in the 0.013-0.028mm range, you can basically eliminate clearance or clearance small running, bearing noise significantly reduced.

3 install silencer cover. Mainly used to reduce ventilation noise. In large and medium motors, the muffler cover is often added to the front end of the ventilation pipe. Sound-absorbing material lining thickness of 50-70mm, sound-absorbing material using foam or sponge, muffler effect is obvious.

To sum up: in order to reduce the motor noise, in addition to starting from the sound source, the use of scientific, advanced process measures, which are beneficial to reduce motor noise, so that the quality of motor is guaranteed.

Motor start should pay attention to the following points:

1, before starting to watch, whether foreign or near motor and driven machine, in order to avoid personal and equipment accident.

2, the motor connected to the power supply, if the motor can not find...... Motor starting should pay attention to the following points: 1, closing before starting to watch whether foreign or near motor and driven machine, in order to avoid personal and equipment accident.

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