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Motor fever how to do? ?

1 air gap between the stator and the rotor of the motor is small, easy to cause the collision between the stator and the rotor in the medium and small motor, air gap is generally 0.2mm ~ 1.5mm. When the air gap is large, the excitation current is large, thus affecting the power factor of the motor; the air gap is too small, the rotor may have friction or collision. Because of seriously poor end cover and bearing wear deformation, the seat cover and rotor axis caused by three different sweep chamber, it is easy to make the heating of the motor or even burned. If the bearing wear should be promptly replaced, the end cover for replacement or brush plating treatment, relatively simple treatment method is to cover the end cover.

Abnormal vibration or noise of the motor

2 is easy to cause the heating motor belongs to the motor itself caused by vibration, mostly due to the rotor dynamic balance is not good, bad, and the bearing end cover, shaft bending machine, different rotor axis, loose fasteners or motor mounting, installation is not in place due to uneven ground, may is the end of a mechanical transfer over, should according to the specific conditions of exclusion.

3 bearing work is not normal, will cause the motor heating bearing work is normal with hearing and temperature experience to judge. A hand or thermometer detection to judge the bearing end temperature is in the normal range; can also be used to stick (copper) contact bearing box, if you hear the sound impact, said there may be one or a few ball crusher, if you hear a hissing sound, it is said that the lubricating oil bearing is not enough, should be in the motor run 3000 hours to about 5000 hours for a grease.

4 power supply voltage is high, the excitation current increases, the motor will overheating excessive voltage will endanger the motor insulation, so that it has the risk of breakdown. The power supply voltage is too low, the electromagnetic torque will be reduced, if the load torque is not reduced, the rotor speed is too low, then the slip increases will cause motor overload and fever, long time will affect the life of motor overload. When the three-phase voltage asymmetry, that is, a phase voltage high or low, will lead to a phase current is too large, motor heating, while reducing the distance will be issued "hum" sound, a long time will damage the winding.

In short, whether the voltage is too high, too low or voltage asymmetry will increase the current, motor heating and damage to the motor. Therefore, in accordance with national standards, motor power supply voltage changes should not exceed the rated value of + 5%, motor output power can maintain the rated value. Motor supply voltage is not allowed to exceed the rated value of 10%, the difference between three-phase power supply voltage should not exceed the rated value of + + 5%.

5 winding interturn short circuit, short circuit, insulation damage between adjacent interphase short circuit and winding circuit of winding wires of the two, the two conductor collide, called winding short circuit. The winding short circuit occurring in the same winding is called inter turn short circuit. The winding short circuit between two phase windings is called interphase short circuit. Whether that kind, can make certain phase or two-phase current increase, cause local heat, make insulation aging damage motor. Winding circuit refers to the motor stator or rotor winding broken or burned caused by fault. Whether winding short circuit or open circuit may cause motor heating and even burning. Therefore, after this happens must immediately stop processing.

6 material leaked into the interior of the motor, the motor insulation is reduced, so that the motor allowable temperature rise from the junction box to reduce solid material or dust from entering the motor, will reach the motor stator and rotor air gap between the motor sweep chamber, worn until the insulation of the motor windings, the motor is damaged or scrapped. If the liquid and gaseous medium leaks into the motor, it will directly cause the motor insulation to drop and trip. General liquid and gas leaks have the following manifestations: (1) various containers and piping leakage, pump seal leakage, flushing equipment and ground, etc.. (2) entering the motor in the front bearing box gap after mechanical oil leakage. (3) reducer connected with the motor oil seal wear, mechanical lubricating oil along the motor shaft to enter, after accumulation in the motor, dissolved motor insulation paint, so that motor insulation performance gradually reduced.

7 almost burned more than half are due to lack of motor motor caused by operation phase. Phase often causes the motor can not run or start speed slow or weak rotation current increases "sound in a buzzing.". If the load on the shaft does not change, the motor is in a state of severe overload, and the stator current will reach 2 times or even higher than the rated value. A short time the motor will heat even burn. The main reasons for the lack of phase operation are as follows:

(1) on the power line due to other equipment failure caused by a phase of power failure, connected to the other three-phase equipment on the line will lack phase operation. 

(2) circuit breaker or contactor phase out of phase due to partial voltage burn out or bad contact. 

(3) to the motor line due to the cause of aging, the abrasion of the phase. 

(4) a phase winding winding of the motor, or a phase joint loose in the junction box. 8 other non mechanical electrical failure causes other non mechanical electrical fault causes the motor temperature rise, serious may also cause motor failure. Such as high ambient temperature, motor fan missing, fan incomplete or lack of fan cover. This situation must be forced to ensure ventilation or replacement of wind blades, etc., otherwise can not guarantee the normal operation of the motor. To sum up, in order to adopt the correct method for motor fault treatment, we must be familiar with the characteristics and causes of motor common fault, seize the key factors, regular inspection and maintenance. In order to avoid detours, save time, troubleshooting as soon as possible, so that the motor Department

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