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Industrial Door

Industrial doors are divided into: industrial rolling doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial sliding doors, manual / electric sliding doors, fast rolling doors, etc., industrial rolling shutter production area of 65-70 square meters, wind resistance up to 10 levels. Industrial sliding doors are divided into vertical lifting, standard lifting and high position lifting, while electric sliding doors are divided into two types: horizontal switch or unidirectional switch from the middle to the sides. The type of industrial door opening that will be used will depend on the analysis of your workplace's specific conditions and development requirements, and each industrial door has its own unique features and advantages. Larger areas of the door are also organic storage stacking doors, folding doors and other types. The following is a description of the three most common industrial doors: industrial rolling doors, industrial sliding doors and industrial lifting doors.


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Culture is the soul of our services. Adhering to the mission of "Develop enterprise through science and technology to make contribution", business philosophy of "Honesty, innovation, service" and service tenet of "Faith foremost, innovation-based", Huyuan attracts various talents, adheres to people-oriented ideas and arouses the enthusiasm of employees to motivate their excelsior spirit to create a unique corporate culture. Besides, Huyuan takes social responsibilities through unceasing innovation to provide customer with inexhaustible power of development, which has contributed to the good reputation of Huyuan Motor.

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