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  • Recruitment requirem

    Recruitment requirem

    1.Men and women is not restricted, age 28 years old above, college education;

    2.More than five years experience in the same position in the famous Shenzhen public company, aesthetic skills, personal image, good temperament;;


    4.Familiar with the construction process, a strong independent ability to talk about a single, quick thinking, strong language skills, can independently complete the entire design and budget; and have a good ability to solve the problem of the construction site of the problem;

    5.Have a sense of responsibility, strong sense of time, work plans, goals;

    6.Have office buildings, hotels, clubs, villas or model room design experience in a particular field is particularly good priority;

Service hours: Monday to Sunday (8:00-23:00)
Contact hotline:86-0576-81872618
Company Fax:86-0576-81872617
Company Add.:Binhai Industrial Park, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou, Zhejiang
Service hours: Monday to Sunday (8:00-23:00)
Contact hotline:86-021-57360770
Company Fax:86-021-67360361

Culture is the soul of our services. Adhering to the mission of "Develop enterprise through science and technology to make contribution", business philosophy of "Honesty, innovation, service" and service tenet of "Faith foremost, innovation-based", Huyuan attracts various talents, adheres to people-oriented ideas and arouses the enthusiasm of employees to motivate their excelsior spirit to create a unique corporate culture. Besides, Huyuan takes social responsibilities through unceasing innovation to provide customer with inexhaustible power of development, which has contributed to the good reputation of Huyuan Motor.

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